About us

Founder and Owner
Dan Hammes

As I have gotten older I have found that the perfect way to stay in shape is by combining my love of the outdoors and outdoor activities.

Living in Colorado Springs, Colorado gives me my daily motivation to get out , breathe some fresh air and do something physical. Nature is a wondrous thing and waking up to the mountains gives me the desire to get out and enjoy nature with a nice little hike every morning.


Fitness doesn't just entail keeping your body in shape. True fitness is the combination of being fit in body, mind, and spirit. And of course you don't have to be outdoors to keep yourself fit, but being at peace is always essential to accomplish the goal of total fitness.

I started Fitness Elevated to bring the fit state of mind to apparel and accessories. When you wake up in the morning and get your first cup of coffee and see the "I belong in the mountains" statement on your cup, it takes you on a journey of peace and tranquility to start your day, remembering how nice it is to be in that happy place if only in spirit. It's all about starting the day with a smile on your face. As we start what may be a hectic day it is always great to take your mind on a small trip to places you have been where you found relaxation.. And wearing one of our "Take a Hike" t-shirts proclaims to others where your priorities are.

Fitness Elevated is all about fitness, whether it be outdoor activities or indoor activities, we believe in healthy lifestyles and we like to show it.

Whether you are a hiker, a cyclist, or a workout enthusiast, we want to provide you with fun clothes and other items to show your love of fitness.

Our  home-base is beautiful Colorado. We are based in Colorado Springs nestled at the foot of Pike's Peak. We love the outdoors. We love the mountains, and we love a fit lifestyle.

If there is something you love and we don't have it, simply hit up our contact form or use the email address below and we would be glad to try and make it a reality!

We aim for having long term customers and have decided as a company that it's important to over-deliver!

Make sure you bookmark this site and come back often as we are always giving something away.

You can always contact us at info@fitness-elevated.com